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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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twro breaking news story on opposite ends of prince george's county. the swat team is involved in a standoff. it's forced a lot of people out of their homes. >> police are searching for suspects in a violent home invasion. when the homeowner stood up to the bad guys, they shot him. >> good morning and welcome to news4 today. i am eun yang. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. we're also following breaking news overseas. overnight we've learned nbc news chief foreign cross dent richard engel and his crew are safe after being kidnapped in syria. they had not been heard from since thursday. nbc reports that they had been held captive by an unknown group not loyal to the assad regime. the kidnappers attempted to transport them when they hit a checkpoint and gunfire erupted. everyone in that crew is safe. they're out of the country, back in turkey of the we'll follow the story throughout the morning. stay with us for updates.
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there is rain on the radar right now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with with us now for what it means to us. tom, good morning. >> that rain is in to west virginia now. it's coming from an upper level disturbance that been moving in along a front that's going to sweep in later today and bring us gusty winds. getting sprinkles of rain. much of west virginia into southeastern ohio, western pennsylvania. this disturbance going to pass right over our region here by later this morning and early afternoon. ahead of that, we've got some chilly temperatures. these areas in blue in the 40s. our northern, western suburbs as well as in the shenandoah valley and mountains. closer to washington, northern neck, eastern shore, tidewater region, generally in the low and mid 50s. in the metro area, it's in the upper 40s. near 50 prince yorj's, as well as in arlington. 40s in fairfax county and in the district, it's hovering around 50 degrees. later today, by 7:00 a.m., still around 50 around the metro area. winds increase, though, by later this morning. chance of sprinkles, perhaps at
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10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. after that wind gusting to 30 miles per hour under a partly cloudy sky as highs reach upper 50s. sunrise 7:22. sunset 4:48. i'm back with a hometown forecast. danella has more. >> i'm following breaking news on the roadways. the beltway, you're facing a four-mile backup in montgomery county because of a crash at connecticut avenue. you can see the right lane is getting by single file. the accident takes up the whole left side of the roadway. we talked about a four-mile backup. i want to show you georgia avenue. very slow crawl as you make your way past the accident. you're first hitting the brakes at coalville road. the hov lanes at backlick road, still seeing that crash. earlier it was blocking your right lane. it looks like travel lanes are open. you're just a bit slow. over to the rails. metro is just now reporting, just getting this in.
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a kdelay on the yellow line. because of a signal problem. marc and vre on or close to schedule. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you. breaking news in maryland. a standoff with an armed man in adelphi has a community of residents evacuated. melissa mollet is on the scene and live with the latest. melissa? >> reporter: that's right. we have brand new information just a couple of moments ago. an ambulance left the avery park apartment complex here in adelphi. we understand the suspect was inside. a police officer on the scene for prince george's county tells me he was injured. that's all we know at this point. it looks like things here could be wrapping up shortly. in the distance, you can probably see a swat vehicle. now, these crews have been out here since about 10:00 last night. news 4 was first on the scene. you can take a look at some of that video of the swat team coming in about eight hours ago.
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several apartment buildings had to be evacuated. here's what we know about this situation developing over the past couple of hours. u.s. marshals came to the complex to make an arrest on monday night. they had an altercation with the suspect who then barricaded himself inside the apartment down the hill here. he was armed but did not have any hostages. prince george's county police, u.s. marshals were trying to negotiate with him for the past couple of hours. sources out here on the scene telling us he may have been involved in a recent carjackings and that is why he was arrested now, we plan to speak with prince george's county police here in just a second, get additional information. as soon as we do, we'll pass that information along. live in adelphi, maryland, melissa mollet. police are on the hunt for suspects who broke into a prince george's county home and shot the homeowner. four men broke into that house in the 9100 block of lough gren house.
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the suspects shot him in the back. he's currently in the hospital with injuries. it's 6:04. the newtown connecticut community will attempt to return to a sense of normalcy today. classes resume today at all newtown schools except sandy hook elementary. that building will remain closed indefinite indefinitely. the students will attend a school in the nearby town of monroe. more of friday's victims will be laid to rest today. funerals will be held for at least one of the students and one of the teachers killed. the first funerals were held yesterday. police are having a tough time figuring out the apparent gunman's motive. they say he smashed his computer shortly before the shooting spree. one congressman will join gun control advocates in demanding stricter gun laws. david sissilini and the head of the brady campaign will present a letter signed by families affected by recent mass shootings across the country. that letter will be delivered to the white house and sissilini's
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colleagues on capitol hill. the white house says president obama will make gun has some pro-gun lawmakers considering new gun legislation. virginia senator mark warner and west virginia senator mansion will -- >> i don't know of anybody assa rifle. i don't know anybody that needs those types of multiple clips as far as ammunition in a gun. >> a washington post poll taken since the shooting found that more than half of americans favor tougher gun laws. about 70% of people oppose a ban on hand guns. >> debate over guns will likely play out in annapolis during the general assembly. state lawmakers are expected to discuss a bill banning assault weapons. that and other gun proposals have died in the general assembly in the past. but supporters of the tougher restrictions say they may have
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new momentum this time around. in alexandria, a teenager will appear before a judge a day after he brought a bb gun to school. officers arrested the 15-year-old at t.c. williams high school. administrators called police had they found the gun and a jar full of pellets. the boy was taken to the juvenile detention center in alexandria where he was held overnight. police say there was never a threat to other students or faculty. >> this morning, there's hope that a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff could be in reach. john boehner will brief his fellow republicans on the talks between him and president obama. boehner agreed to accept tax hikes for the wealthiest americans. the increases would affect households that earn more than $400,000 a year. until now, the white house has insisted americans earning more than $250,000 a year pay more in taxes. the president has reportedly agreed to more spending cuts and social security reforms.
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a popular orange juice maker is coming out with something new and it has more than just fruit. plus, fletcher is blaming for a fight involving his family members. 6:25. a big change for a popular toy. the new version of the easy-bake oven inspired by a passionate little girl.
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the juice maker tropicana is adding veggies to its juice. it will introduce a juice called farm stand containing beets, sweet potatoes and yellow and orange carrots. it comes as fruit juice sales are on the decline. we're talking about trying to get more vegetables in our diet. that's easy way to do it. a lot of people drink it first thing in the morning. aaron is getting sick to his
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stomach about the thought of beets in his orange juice. >> can't do it. >> here's tom. >> potatoes. >> good morning. time for your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. the fog is gone. the thick fog we had overnight, we still had low clouds over the metro area. the clouds breaking up to the south. also getting a few sprinkles on radar way out here in west virginia. that's a disturbance passing over our region later this morning and early afternoon. right now in the upper 40s to 50 in the metro area. later today, we'll climb to the 50s. 7:30 by tyson's corner and by noontime the mid 50s. hometown forecast, partly sunny. a slight chance of sprinkles by late morning early afternoon. highs in the upper 50s. i'm back in ten minutes with the seven-day outlook. danella with your traffic. >> good morning, still following breaking news on the beltway. now you're facing a six-mile backup. outer loop of the beltway.
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this is past connecticut avenue heading towards 355. it's blocking the left side of the road. it's just moving over to block the left lane. it looks like three lanes are getting by the accident. like i said, you're still dealing with a six-mile backup. it is a slow crawl. good news across the 11th street bridge at m street. that accident is clear. back over to you both. >> thanks danella >> 6:13 right now. ahead, how animals are used to bring comfort to the children of newtown, connecticut. price drop. the new low at the pumps this morning. >> he's no santa claus. what police say a guy was
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i'm angie goff with breaking news from the news 4 live desk. we want to update you on the abduction of richard engel. he's now free and safe. we have new video just into the news 4 newsroom. this is richard engel being released after being kidnapped in syria. he was freed following a firefight at a checkpoint on monday. nbc news saying this morning that he was kidnapped by unidentified captors. he was held for five days along with his nbc news crew. of course, richard engel, one of our top journalists. nbc news chief foreign correspondent. what we're told from him is that he was actually crossing from syria into turkey when they were abducted. they were thrown into a truck and blindfolded and held at an
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undisclosed locationment engel coming out and saying thank you to everyone, these have been tough days and he's going to speak in the days ahead. i'm angie goff at the news 4 live desk. back to you. >> angie, thank you. he's no santa claus but a man in san francisco had to be rescued after he got stuck in a chimney. it happened early monday morning. he was stuck in the chimney of his apartment building which is seven stories high. firefighters had to break some of the chimney bricks to free him. it took about an hour. so far, not clear exactly why he was in the chimney but there's a report that he may have been trying o hide there. looks like this scary scene outside a california mall may have been a stress reliever. police arrested marcos gurrola after he fired 50 rounds in a mall parking lot over the weekend. gurrola said he did it because he was depressed about his grandmother's death and he was kicked out of his family's home. he didn't want to shoot mib and he fires guns just to relieve
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stress. there's word that the satellite launched by north korea last week is most likely dead. north korean state media counted the launch as successful last week. astronomers say it appears to be tumbling in orbit. the satellite is reported to be carrying cameras. it will need to remain on a controlled and stable path. which it does not appear to be doing. london fletcher says security is to blame for the arrests of several of his relatives at sunday's game in cleveland. this you-tube video appears to show the fight that led to the arrests. on the nfl network yesterday, fletcher said browns fans were harassing his family from the moment they got out of their car. a security guard assaulted one of his relatives instead of diffusing the situation. the browns are investigating the incident. as soon as he's ready to go rg3 will get his spot back.
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he will go with griffin as soon as doctors say he's 100%. shanahan says that they're going to make sure that the ligament is fine and that there's no chance of reinjuring it before they put him back in. griffin will continue to be evaluated this week ahead of sunday's game against the eagles. even all the sidelines agree, he's breaking records. the number 10 jersey is the top selling jersey for a single season. since the league started keeping track of sales six years ago, it breaks the previous record set by brett favre when he started playing for the vikings in 2009. your holiday travels will cost less as gas prices are at theirs he's point of the entire. the national average about $3.25 a gallon. it's dropped every day this month. prices have fallen as much as 16% since september. some are paying less than $3. missouri drivers paying $2.95 on average. the lowest in the entire country. and the first time since july the average price in any state dropped below $3.
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there is a new movement sweeping social media to help the healing following the tragedy at sandy hook. it's called 26 acts. it was the idea of nbc's own ann curry. the goal, to get people to do 26 acts of random kindness in memory of the 20 children and 6 adults killed. people worldwide are buying dinner for strangers, donating money to teachers' funds. one woman is making hats for 26 newborns at her local hospital. we want to know if you're getting in on the action at our facebook page and let us know what you might be doing. or if someone has done something for you. some four-legged friends will doing their part to ease the pain in newtown, connecticut. ten gold ep retrievers arrived from chicago much the therapy dogs are part of the lutheran church charities and they hope the dogs can bring smiles to a town that's been plunged into darkness. >> it's a chance to bring mercy and compassion to people. the dogs are good at -- they're
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unconditional love. >> i don't know. aren't they just as innocent as the children. maybe that's the innocence. you just want to embrace them. have a little bit of that innocence in us. >> the comfort dog program as it's called, started in 2008. after a shooting northern illinois university that killed five students. hopefully the dogs bring a smile to their faces and bring them comfort. >> awesome idea. everything that they can do to try to help out those kids up there. need to make it happen. it is 21 minutes after 6:00. we want to get a look at our forecast at this point this morning. tom kierein has the details for us. >> good morning. the fog was swept away overnight but a southwesterly breeze. now, this morning, we have still low clouds around the metro area. cloud cover breaking up a bit to our south, though. farther west, getting sprinkles of rain in west virginia, western pennsylvania. this is an upper level disturbance passing over the metro area by later this morning and early afternoon. ahead of that, we have temperatures in the 40s. much of the region west and
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north of washington, right near washington, near 50 degrees. southern maryland, eastern shore, northern neck, around the low to mid 50s. here's your four-day forecast. chance of the midday sprinkles and partly sunny and breezy this afternoon. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour as temperatures climb into the 50s. rain likely thursday afternoon and windy colder. friday into the weekend. >> here's danella. tom, an update on the crash on the beltwayment outer loop of the beltway past connecticut avenue. as you approach 355. you're going to see your left shoulder lane blocked here. looks like your travel lanes are open. your delays still about six miles. want to show you what new hampshire looks like. sluggish the entire way. as you make your way to i-95 to 270. it's going to take 39 minutes. heading over to i-95 in virginia. usual delays. you can see heavy here as you make your way northbound to get
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to the beltway from prince william parkway. you are under speed. that drive is going to take you 29 miles per hour. taking the metro, still seeing delays on the yellow line because of a signal problem at the huntington metro station. expect delays taking the yellow line this morning. aaron and eun, over to you. 49 degrees. ahead this morning, a big change coming to a classic toy. partly because of one little girl with a strong opinion. and if you think it costs a lot to fill up your car, at 6:50 this morning, what could drive the price of milk up to $6 a gallon.
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welcome back at 6:26. in just a few hours, we'll get a better idea of who will be time's person of the year. the short list of finalists will be revealed in the morning in in an online poll, kim jong-un was voted the person of the -- the final decision will be announced tomorrow morning on the today show. a new gender neutral easy-bake oven will hit the market thanks in part to a girl from new jersey. she started an online petition
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that called out hasbro for only marketing them to girls. she was shopping for the toy for her 4-year-old brother. they have been invited to see a prototype of the oven that's expected to be in stores by summer. girls can buy the blue ones too. just saying. 6:27. it is now 49 degrees. ahead, a teenager victimized in her own home. now a hunt for this man. how police say he convinced the girl to let him in. plus, this morning, we're following some breaking news. the swat team called overnight to a local apartment complex forcing people out of their homes, an update from the scene just ahead. also, a lot of people are saying finally. the change you'll notice on major roads. >> you'll notice the roads are a bit wet this morning. weather and traffic on the 1s. ahead.
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breaking news. a local neighborhood locked down. the swat team called out. forcing people out of their homes. the latest from the scene in a moment. welcome back to news4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. another breaking story we're following. nbc's richard engel and his crew
6:31 am
are free after being kidnapped for five days in syria. just into our newsroom, here's what engel had to say as he crossed the border into turkey. >> the last five days are days that we would rather forget. if you can understand, we just came out now. we haven't even left yet. we're very tired. so we probably will be talking more in the coming days. thank you for being here and thanks for everyone and we're really happy we're out. >> engel and his crew had been missing since thursday. nbc news reported they were ab tukted shortly after crossing the border into syria. during their captivity, engel and the crew were blindfolded and tied up, but not physically injured. it came to an end early overnight when kidnappers went to a checkpoint and a gunfight erupted. two of the captors were reportedly killed. >> it's 6:31. still a relatively warm morning by december standards. you're looking at cloudy
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conditions outside. tom kooierein is on the weather deck. >> we're getting reports about quarter mile visibility. as well as parts along the northern potomac river on the loudoun county border and farther north and wes along the river, there's dense fog there too. a lot of the fog is gone. we have low clouds that are still over the region. we'll have the low clouds with us here for the next few hours. temperatures hovering in the 40s to near 50 degrees in the suburbs and rural areas. it's going to hold steady here in the 40s to near 50 through 8:00 a.m. sun breaking out by then. then the winds will increase later this morning. maybe a few sprinkles of rain late this morning, early this afternoon. by mid-afternoon in the upper 50s. winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour. sunrise, 7:22. sunset 4:48. i am back in ten minutes.
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danella has a look at traffic. >> we're checking on a new accident. gw parkway. looks like an accident off to the shoulder lane. possibly off of the roadway. just be -- use caution as you make your way northbound gw parkway trying to access the inner loop. over to 66 eastbound. as you make your way towards route 123, you'll see a crash reportedly blocking your center lanes. i want to show you fairfax county parkway. you're jammed here as you make your way eastbound. you're seeing delays all the way back at the bypass. it is a slow trip. from fairfax county parkway to get to about the beltway. that drive will take you about 25 minutes over that right now. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. zie breaking news in prince george's county. a standoff with an armed man is over. it's in adelphi. the area had to be evacuated. melissa mollet live with the latest on how this ended.
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melissa? >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me, a more calm scene than what we saw 20 minutes ago. much of the police presence is gone. the suspect was taken out of here in an ambulance around 6:00 this morning. take a look at the video. we did catch them driving out of here just before 6:00. police right now not commenting on the nature or any possible injuries. but a psychological evaluation is standard procedure in a situation like this one. the avery park apartment complex has reopened. residents are being allowed back in. here is what we know. news 4 was first on the scene as u.s. marshals came to the complex to make an arrest monday night. they had some sort of altercation with the suspect who ended up barricading himself inside one of the apartments here. police say he was armed but did not have any hostages. several apartment buildings were evacuated and we spoke with some of those residents as they were waiting outside this morning. i came home about 12:45 in
6:35 am
the morning and basically we couldn't get in. so we had to park in the street and walk home. it's a lot of police activity, swat team, everything. everybody down there. >> they told me, we're not allowed to give that information. so they told me to go park over there and wait and i told them can i walk down to my apartment to go to sleep or something? and they told me no. i couldn't go down there at all. >> reporter: now, police negotiated with the suspect for a total of about eight hours. sources on the scene telling us he may have been involved in carjackings and that's why they came to arrest him. live in adelphi, maryland, melissa mollet, news 4, back to you. thanks, melissa. a search for a man who posed as a cable worker and sexual lay salted a 15-year-old girl. this is a composite sketch of the man. the man knocked at the woodbridge home claiming to be from comcast. he asked for someone who didn't live there and then left.
6:36 am
police say he returned later, threatened the girl with a knife and forced her into a bedroom. he ran after the girl began kicking and screaming. if you have any information, call prince william county police. 6:35 right now. d.c. police saying little about a suspicious death after they found a man's body inside a building. officers were called to the 200 block of i street northeast around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. homicide detectives were also called to the scene. police are not saying how the man died or if there are any suspects. today the d.c. council is expected to take up two key issues. the council is expected to vote on a bill allowing liver stores stay open on sundays. they would be allowed to fill up containers. the council is expected to vote on a plan to open the district's library on sundays. the changes would cost the district at least $9 million. d.c. is looking for a plan b to the controversial red top meter program. it aimed to reserve about 10% of
6:37 am
the spots for people with disabilities. but it would have forced handicapped drivers to pay for parking for the first time. a bill failed to pass the d.c. council last week, even though the city has spend $700,000 on new meters. d.c.'s department of transportation is working on another way to provide more accessible parking for the disabled. maryland horse racing will stay alive for at least another decade. the maryland jockey club and two breeders associations reached a ten-year deal to keep racing at pimlico race course and laurel park. it guarantees a minimum of 100 racing days per year. it features 146 days of live racing at the major tracks. the maryland racing commission will vote on the proposed schedule today. happening today, a man from woodbridge is getting an early christmas present. he's getting a $1 million check. he won the money in the december 8th powerball driving. on friday, a woman claimed her
6:38 am
prize. congratulations. happy people. right. coming up on 6:38 right now. ahead the change some major stores are making after the shooting in connecticut. breaking news. a home invasion ends in gunfire overnight. what police are telling us right now. also, a little rain on the radar. weather and traffic ahead an the 1s. the major roads where you can hit the gas harder this morning. plus, why some
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you know, if you don't feel like cooking on christmas, you might be able to hit the drive through. mcdonald's is urging franchise owners to open on christmas day this year. according to the online, it would move to boost end of year
6:42 am
sales. sales dropped for the first time in nine years but repounded in november. it's up to individual restaurants whether to be open on christmas. >> there's a lot of stink over the stores being opened on thanksgiving, i'm sure there will be another issue with families missing loved ones on christmas day. here's tom with the forecast. >> a lot of the fog is gone. much of the region, we've got low clouds. by 8:30 this morning, rockville in montgomery county, partly sunny in the upper 40s. then by the noon hour, the lunch-hour, in the low to mid 50s. slight chance of sprinkles of rain then. throughout the entire region today, here's the hour-by-hour forecast. wind will get gusty later today too. gusting to around 30 miles an hour by later this morning and by mid-afternoon, we'll have temperatures climbing into the upper 50s. and then change is on the way. a cold change for the weekend. we will look at that with your seven day outlook in ten minutes. here's danella with traffic trouble. >> we'll start with the rails.
6:43 am
penn south 407, delay is about 13 minutes. over to metro, good news there. the earlier delay on the yellow line is gone. now, let's talk about road trouble. eastbound columbia pike still closed between south wakefield street to south thompson street because of a water main break. those eastbound lanes are expected to be closed throughout the morning rush. to work around it, you can make a right on south four mile run and a left on george mason drive and reconnect to columbia pike. let's head back to the ramp, the inner loop of the beltway from gw parkway. an accident along the right shoulder. looks like that accident is cleared. that's good news. 6:43 now. you can put a little more pedal to the metal in d.c. starting today. four roads in the district have higher speed limits. newark avenue from the maryland line to bladens bur road goes to 45 miles per hour. north capitol from michigan goes to 40 miles per hour. you can also go 40 now on canal
6:44 am
road from the chain bridge to fox hall. vdot has studied the roads and determined the speed limit could go up without impacting safety. breaking news now. angie goff is at the live desk. >> good morning, aaron. toyota is paying a big fine for failing to report a defect in a timely manner. we're hearing from government officials announcing toyota will pay $17.35 million in civil penalties. this is after they failed to report in a timely manner five days a floor pedal defect found earlier this year. this is the highest single civil penalty ever paid for violations regarding a transportation-related recall. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. 16 before the hour now. security will be tighter at schools in newtown, connecticut, as students return to class for the first time since friday's tragic shooting. all schools will be open except sandy hook elementary.
6:45 am
it will remain closed indefinite l. police consider it a crime scene. this will be a tough day for the a tight-knit community. at least one teacher and student will be laid to rest today. the first funerals were held yesterday for two 6-year-old boys. we'll hear from one congressman who says the tragedy at sandy hook should be a wakeup call about our nation's gun laws. rhode island democrat, dave sissilini and the head of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence will present a letter signed by families affected by recent mass shootings across the country. the letter will be delivered to the white house and sissilini's colleagues on capitol hill. the white house says president obama will make gun violence a top priority during his second term. the tragedy at sandy hook has pro gun lawmakers considering new gun legislation. virginia senator mark warner and west virginia senator will consider laws that ban the kind of gun used last friday. >> i don't know of anybody that
6:46 am
goes hunting with an assault rifle. i don't know anybody that needs those types of multiple clips as far as ammunition in a gun. >> a washington post poll taken since the shooting found that more than half of americans favor tougher gun laws. about 70% of people, though, oppose a ban an hand guns. maryland governor martin o'malley will look for ways to keep his state safer from gun violence but not come out in favor of a specific proposal. some plan to make the gun control a key issue. one montgomery county democrat will introduce a proposal to ban assault weapons statewide. some of the world's largest retailers are making changes in the wake of the shootings in newtown. walmart has pulled a military-style assault rifle from its website. it's a gun similar to the one police say adam lands a used to kill his victims on friday. dick's sporting good removed all guns if its stores closest to newtown out of respect for the victims and their families. it's suspending sales of certain
6:47 am
semiautomatic rifles in all stores in the u.s. national autism advocacy groups are concerned that the shooting will further stigmatize those with autism. it's unfair for them to blame awe tim for the deadly attacks. >> asperger's alone does not cause people to behave like this. there's more to the story. things will come out over time. i sure hope people don't pin it just on the asperger's. asperger's is a mild form of autism but is not connected to violent thoughts or violent behaviors. police say students and faculty at one alexandria high school were never in danger when the teenager brought a gun to school. officers arrested the 15-year-old at t.c. williams high school. administrators called police when they found the gun and a jar full of pellets. he was held in a detention center overnight. he will appear before a judge today.
6:48 am
crime is up despite a drop in murder. new numbers show that overall crime is up 4% over 2011. largely in part to a spike in sex abuse cases. up 36% from last year. murder took the biggest drop from 2011 down 24%. arson, burglary and car theft also saw big drops. down between 8% and 16%. a shotgun involved to alexandria police is missing after two police cars were stolen. one car was taken from duke street and another on princess street. the shotgun that should have been in the first car is still missing. police are not sure how the cars are being stolen. they have sent out bulletins to departments region woind with a warning. mourning the loss of a senator and war hero. inouye, he died from respiratory problems. he was 88 years old. the hawaii senator was elected in 1962 and served almost nine
6:49 am
full terms in office. he was also a war hero, losing his arm fighting in world war ii and receiving the medal of honor. former senator bob dole, called inouye one of the giants of the senate. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. compromises are rare but not impossible. this morning, it appears they're closing in on a compromise. seema mody live with the latest offer on the table. seema? >> that's right. president obama makes a new offer to house speaker john boehner as they try to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. they metaphor 45 minutes on monday and are expected to talk again today. reports say that the proposal will raise revenues and cut spending by $1.2 trillion over the next decade. the president is now reportedly seeking to extend the bush era tax cuts for everyone making below $400,000 a year. up from his previous earnings threshold of $250,000 a year.
6:50 am
he has agreed to use the chained consumer price index to calculate most benefits. president obama wants to raise the debt ceiling high enough to take the issue off the table for two years. boehner is expected to brief house republicans on the president's offer today. so be sure to watch out for that. back to you. >> will do. thank you. seema mody at cnbc. much of the focus in washington is on the effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. lawmakers are running out of time to pass a farm bill. farmers say if the bill is not included in the fiscal cliff negotiations or if the old farm bill is not extended, milk prices could surge to $6 a gallon. the reason farmers would start using an antiquated system for pricing milk established in the agricultural act of 1949. action on the farm bill this year was stalled by disagreements over the food stamp program. on the flip side of that, if no fiscal cliff deal is reached, it could send gas prices tumbling. app lists say if that happens, energy prices would fall followed by gas prices.
6:51 am
it could bring the national average below $3 a gallon. >> it's just about 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with an update on the forecast. >> the cloud cover breaking up a lot of the fog. the dense fog you saw before you went to bed last night is breaking up. look at that sunrise. that's a live view over the potomac river from our nbc4 city camera. we're seeing that cloud cover beginning to break up. visibilities are fine here around the metro area. some locations, we have dense fog. right now 49 at reagan national. a southerly breeze. that wind has picked up a little bit. swept a lot of the fog away. although, mark miller, one of our viewers lives in the northern part of the potomac river region where route 15 crosses the potomac. he said there's dense fog there. also reports of dense fog around quantico. much of the region the fog is dpon. sprinkles of rain showing up here storm team radar. west virginia, part of a
6:52 am
disturbance sweeping east and passing over the metro area. that will be later this morning and into the early part of the afternoon. might get sprinkles of rain then. farther west, we're getting temperature reports into the mid 40 eads. shenandoah valley into the mountains. generally upper 40s to near 50 degrees around the metro area. milder in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. 8:00 a.m., partly cloudy, a light wind in the low 50s. by the noon hour, up into the mid 50s. much of the region. a chance of sprinkles and we'll have breaks in the cloud and the winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. that's going to be the story during the rest of the afternoon. a blustery wind. highs upper 50s. any rain chance, sprinkle chance will be ending by 2:00. overnight tonight, clearing out, getting cold. mid 50s tomorrow afternoon and sunny. rain likely thursday afternoon and windy and much colder friday into the weekend and first part of next week. danella, how is the traffic now? >> you know, still checking on those delays on the beltway. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway, connecticut
6:53 am
avenue, that earlier crash as you get closer to 355, still blocking the left shoulder lane. the damage is done. still, you're facing about a six-mile backup. it will take 41 minutes to get from i-95 to i-270 as of right now. 395 northbound at duke, had a crash blocking the left lane. it's gone. you are still just a bit underspeed here. actually very heavy on the brakes at duke. but to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, about 27 minute right now. still checking on i-66, the earlier crash was blocking the center lanes at 123, it's gone. you're still jammed up on the bypass to the beltway. back to you both. >> thank you, danella. 6:53 right now. an hours long standoff in prince george's county is now over. people finally being allowed back into their homes. this happened on greenwichwood drive in adelphi. melissa mollet joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the avery apartment complex has
6:54 am
reopened. the scene is clear and residents are allowed back in and out of the complex. now, just before 6:00, we know that the suspect in this case was taken out of here by ambulance. you can take a look at some of the video we captured as that ambulance was driving out of the complex. no details right now on any injuries. police say a psychological evaluation is standard procedure. that will happen this morning. u.s. marshals came to the complex to arrest this person monday night. there was an altercation and he barricaded himself inside an apartment here. he was armed but had no hostages. sources out here on the scene this morning, telling us the suspect may have been involved in several recent carjackings. that is why the marshals came to arrest him. live in adelphi, maryland, melissa mollet. more breaking news on the other side in fort washington. tony tull is live with details on a home invasion shooting. tony, good morning. >> eun, good morning. robbery detectives just left the scene after interviewing family
6:55 am
members that showed up. crime scene technicians spent a better part of two hours investigating the home and the window at the top front facing window. we're told around 2:30 this morning, multiple subjects entered the home, one with a gun when the homeowner, a 40-year-old man confronted them. he was shot in the back. we're told that he's going to be okay. he was transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspects fled out of house. police still looking for clues who did this. the man's wife and his 16-year-old daughter were unharmed. they're going to be okay. but right now, police still looking for those subjects that broke into this house early this morning. that is the latest report from fort washington. tony tull, news 4. angie goff at the live desk with breaking news. >> we hear from chief foreign correspondent richard engel after he was captured and freed in syria. this he and his crew were
6:56 am
crossing into syria when they were abducted and blindfold ld. he just talked about that experience. >> the last five days are days that we would rather forget. if you can understand, we just came out now. we haven't even left yet. we're very tired. >> while held, engel and his crew were not physically harmed by their captors and richard actually just tweeted that he's going to be on the "today" show right after our show and is talking about this extraordinary ordeal. back to you. all right. let's get our out-the-door forecast now, tom. >> sunshine this morning. a lot of the fog is gone. still a few pockets of fog. but that will be dpon in a couple of hours. a blustery wind this afternoon and partly sunny. highs in the upper 50s. turning chillier tomorrow into thursday. thursday could get rain. then windy and much colder friday through the weekend, first part of next week how is traffic, danella?
6:57 am
>> at connecticut avenue, a travel speed once again. 41 minutes from i-95 to 270 because of this six-mile backup. it's just a mess. you may want to take another route if that's an option. aaron and eun. be wide open for you. that is news4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic and any breaking news. we're right back at 4:28. hope you join us then. have a great day. see you tomorrow. make it a great tuesday everybody.
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